Our WigTenders Are

ready to mix you up the perfect look.


How It Works:

Creating your Wigtini is
as simple as 

1. Pick It

BYOB- Bring Your Own Bundles: gather the bundles and/ or closure/frontal you will be using for your wig.

2. Shake It

Build your wig via our virtual Wig Customization Bar. Our virtual WigTender will walk you through our easy step by step process to customize your wig to your unique specifications.
Head Measurements (see the guide in our gallery)
Styling preference

Photo Inspiration (not required)

3. Stir It

Review our wig turn around and shipping timeline. 

4. Sip It

Send your bundles: Check your email for instructions from your assigned WigTender on how to send your bundles

5. Toast It

Approve your wigs style with your assigned WigTender

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