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Cheers! Welcome to BYOB Custom Wig Bar™️

The most exclusive, upscale and innovative way to purchase a custom wig! BYOB Custom Wig bar has revolutionized the way wig enthusiast purchase and wear custom wigs by liberating women from the traditional wig purchasing process.


Our innovative approach allows our customers to BYOB. If you haven’t guessed it, BYOB stands for BYOB- Bring Your Own Bundles™️. You provide bundles from your vendor of choice and through our easy step by step “Build A Wig” process you’re assigned a skilled WigTender to serve up your order based on your specific customizations. We pride ourselves in making the wig customization process fun and easy and affordable. Our mission is to make women all over the world feel good about themselves and express their originality. In the same sense, with the help of our WigTenders we want to calm the fears and provide education and tips and tricks to our beginner wig wearers. Our FAQ section is filled with knowledge about wigs and our knowledgeable WigTenders are happy to answer any of your questions. All of our customers are very important to us so it’s only right that we create an elite customer group. Get on the BYOB Vip list to receive exclusive offers, pricing, expert wig tips and tricks and invites to exclusive events.

Now, come on and meet us at the bar and don’t forget to BYOB!